Local History

hrvt00The beautiful Hudson Valley has been defined not just its glacial activity and waterways, but also by its residents. And although many cultures and communities have played a critical role, far too many have unfortunately been forgotten. It is the goal of the ICCHV to make sure the contributions of the Irish in the region are recognized and memorialized. The hard work, vision and talents of our ancestors deserve nothing less. Their dedication, passion and talents are far-reaching and in the past have included critical roles in Transportation, Business and Entertainment.



The Delaware & Hudson canal, built between 1825 and 1829, largely by Irish laborers, was instrumental for the economic success of New York and America. Its impact on the Rondout was monumental, as Kingston became the busiest port between New York City and Albany.

It’s the center’s belief that the gathering of our history will spark a renewed interest in Irish heritage and many untold stories will come to light and be publicly documented for the future.